December 31st, 2009

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[fic] Harrow Children: Part the Second [1/7]

Title: Harrow Children
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7 (Advent Children AU)
Rating: R
Word count: 30,000, give or take
Status: 3/5 (prologue, three parts, epilogue)
Summary: The line between the quick and the dead is thin and blurred, and some fragments of memories live on past death.
Prompt: Zack lives!Advent Children AU.
A/N: Blame chibirisuchan for this plotbunnicula. *hearts* Also sorry for the massive delay; blame it on me being pretty sick for most of 2009. I also apologize for any extreme goofiness with punctuation; I had to switch word processing programs, and there have been...issues.

If you haven't read the first part of this, this isn't going to make a lot of sense--this starts right where the first part left off, no recap or anything. ^^;; Also, if you haven't read the revised version--which takes into account new scenes from Advent Children Complete, go read that! It's much longer and more detailed! :D

Just as a warning, there's a couple of scenes that have bits of dialogue from Crisis Core and Final Fantasy 7. Unfortunately, yeah, I didn't use the official English translations for them. So they may not be exact, but the gist should be there. ^^;;

I also kind of recommend reading a short fic I did a while back, Shevirat ha-kelim, since some of the imagery I use in sections of this is based on that--or rather, based on the same Jewish mysticism I used in it (which gets explained in the the A/N section). It's one of the Ein Sof fics (a series I really need to get back to, oh god, I need more time). You don't need to read it, of course, but it'll add an extra layer of understanding to some things. ^^;;

And as for this chapter itself. yeah, this is, um, long. I kinda broke NeoOffice's stupid limit for "web view" while I was working on it (which led to me snapping and moving over to Bean. ARGH, but is it too much to ask for bloody Draft View? *stabbity*) It's, yeah. A wee bit lengthy.

And remember how I said in the author's notes to Part the First that this was all butterfly effect? Here is where it begins to deviate wildly! :D

Part the First

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Next section: Look, Mother! Look how many brothers we have now!
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