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29 April
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So I'm joudama. Yeah, it's lowercase. I just do it that way. ^^;

I'm a nerd. Or dork, but mainly nerd; I've got the glasses and everything to prove it! I'm an American expat nerd living in Japan who is something of a complete and utter hermit. And I sing. And am a screaming Jay Chou fangirl. *waves little 'Jay~' flag*

I also write, which is why this journal exists--this is my writing journal. For fun, I write fanfic (mostly of the genfic variety, but the occasional hints of yaoi or het show up for flavor), and try to play video games. Emphasis on the try, because god, I suck and how. But I'm working on it. ALL of my friends are gamers, and so it was inevitable that I would eventually start gaming. If only I didn't, well...SUCK HARDCORE at it.

Proud Member of the Overthinkers' Club. *waves banner*

On Friending: Friending me is OK! You don't have to ask or anything; I never mind people adding me to their f-list. Only, I might not add back--this is just my writing journal, and I don't really use it for anything else. I occasionally check the f-list for this journal, but...not very often, I'm afraid. It always seems kind of wrong to me to friend someone if you're not actually going to read their journals, after all. ^^;;

On Warnings and Ratings: As of 2/8/09, I don't do warnings anymore. I think they're borderline spoiler and that you wouldn't expect a published work to warn you of things that might make you feel ungood. Instead, I'm using a general rating system.

G - General fic. Prolly fluffy and harmless.
PG - Prolly some bad words, mild themes/violence
R - Heavier themes, prolly a lot of bad words.
M - Mature themes, be it sex, violence, abuse, death, or some nebulous 'other.'